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Smiling in relief, he kissed Aoba sweetly as he stroked his hair. "I'm glad you like it." He said when he pulled away. "For dinner... it's not super fancy... but you'll still want to dress up. Unless you want to go to that Japanese place you love." Noiz was fine with either. He wanted to give Aoba the choice.

"I’ll dress up." He smiled, knowing how much Noiz loved it. "You didn’t buy me nice clothes for nothing right?"

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"It's a piece of the Oval Tower. There was a piece that got stuck in my boot. I kept it all this time kind of as... a reminder and good luck charm. So... I got it cut in half and made into a charm for you and me." He said pulling his half from under his shirt. "Do you like it?" He asked tentatively. Never really good at gifts.

He stared at the necklace for a moment, all the horrible memories from that day coming back. The dogs….Noiz fighting him….almost losing him. But despite that, he remembered all the good things. Together they took down the Oval Tower, they made their city safer, made the people equal, and Aoba saved Noiz. It was a happy day and Aoba slipped the necklace on, smiling brightly as he tucked it under his shirt. “I love it Noiz. It’s perfect.”

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"You're very welcome." He smiled softly and returned that kiss. "Open it. I had it specially made for you." He said wrapping his arms around his lover. It was a necklace. The charm being a small piece of rubble that Noiz had kept from Oval Tower's collapse. He'd found it in his shoe and kept it.

"Well okay…" He slowly opened the box, looking a little confused as he tried to figure out what it was.

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Walking up behind the elder, Noiz presented Aoba with a small, slim box and a dozen red roses. "Happy birthday, Aoba. I love you." He said kissing his lover's neck right below his ear.

Aoba had never really been one to celebrate his birthday, usually just have cake and a nice dinner with his grandmother and sometimes Koujaku if he was around. But this year….he hadn’t really thought about it with all the changes that had happened in his life, so when Noiz came up behind him he was a little surprised. 

"You….got these for me? You didn’t have to." But he turned around to face his lover and kiss him softly. "Thank you….thank you so much."

||Be The Light||


The blond nodded against the elder’s neck. Pressing a soft kiss to the skin as he held him close and stroked his hands along the other’s back. “And I wouldn’t have faced my family. Taken on responsibility and started a foothold here for you if I didn’t love you. I owe you so much. More than anyone. And I love you more than anyone. Except maybe our son.” He said with a small chuckle and a sniffle before he pulled back to cup the other’s face and kiss him. Their foreheads resting together as he looked into his eyes. “You and our son are my whole life. Everything I do is for you and the baby.”

"Heeeeey!" Aoba whined, pouting cutely though he was trying to look stern. "You’re supposed to still love me more than anyone!" Though everything Noiz said meant the world to him. They were bringing a son into the world and Aoba knew that no one would be a better father than Noiz.

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"I had planned on it. To give you a break from the kitchen." He replied stroking the other's soft, blue locks.

He put his hands on his stomach and smiled softly. “That….sounds really good actually. And I’ve been craving Italian food.”


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||Be The Light||


It all felt surreal. As if he were in a dream. Or a coma since this dream had been going on for over half a year, now. If it really were a dream, he hoped he never woke up. “He will. We’ll get to hold him. Aoba… I love you… so much.” He said softly as the tears trickled into the elder’s hair.

"I know Noiz." Aoba murmured softly, one hand stroking the other’s soft blonde hair. "And….you know I love you too right? I wouldn’t have come to Germany, wouldn’t have left my friends and family if I didn’t love you the most…but I do. I love you so much."

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Taking his chin in his fingers, he kissed his lips softly. "I'm going to take my shower. I'll meet you down in the car?" He said with a gentle smile when he pulled away.

"Are we eating out today?" He smiled slightly.